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Yaju Construction is a limited liability company registered by the Federal Government and BC Province, with more than ten years of experience, dedicated to providing you with professional construction, renovation, development and management services.

☆ 5,000,000 liability insurance, WCB insurance and business licenses in Greater Vancouver.

☆ Reputation, quality, offers two years warranty for free.

☆ Create personal files for every client, keep their project details for 7 years.

☆ Elite team with profound experience;

☆ Use high-quality and eco-friendly materials to provide a safer and more comfortable living place.



Tom Wang & Joanna Jiang

Investment Department

​Manager: Joanna, Doctor degree, Duty: investment operation and risk analysis

Designing Department

Manager: Mary, Bachelor of Architecture, Duty: Engineering design and project management

Finance Department

Manager: Bobbie, Master degree, Duty: Producing financial reports, Developing strategies that work to minimize financial risk。

Qualification of on-site staff

Electricians and Plumbers: Fully licensed, profound experience in both commercial and residential


Association Icon.png

CCRAC is the Chinese Construction & Renovation Association of Canada, and it was founded in July 2014. Yaju Inc. joined the association in 2018, and our founder Tom Wang was elected as directors.

The warranty service is only effective for the products purchased and installed by Yaju, the final interpretation right belongs to Yaju.

Contact Us​

Tel: 778-798-1868 (Chinese)
      778-798-5868 (English)



Business Hours: Mon. - Fri.
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM


2935 W 4th Ave Vancouver, BC V6K 1R3

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